RMMV How to have MP cost only be shown (Yanfly Action Sequences & Skill Core)


Nov 12, 2016
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So in my game I have a type of skill that does massive damage based on your current MP compared to your max MP. I have the calculation all done and over with, but now I'm having a problem with MP cost. At first, I simply had the action command "MP -100%: user" but that didn't work perfectly because I wanted to show the MP cost, which was equal to the user's current MP. Apparently, Yanfly's skill core doesn't support the cost being current MP, but I got around that by making a custom MP cost like this:
<Custom MP Cost>
cost = a.mp;
</Custom MP Cost>
However, that leads to a problem. Early in the action sequence, the sequence forces a common event where the user's current MP and max MP are calculated to be used in the damage formula later on. However, with the custom MP cost, for some reason the skill uses the custom cost before anything else, including the action sequence, therefore the calculation common event is not able to properly run as a result. The attack always does 0 damage no matter what since all the MP is used up before the calculation to occur, and therefore the calculation is always 0 (current MP) / Max AP = 0, as zero divided by anything is zero. Can someone please tell me a way to make the custom MP cost only show up in the menu and not actually trigger, or even better, have the custom cost only go off after the calculation in the action sequence occurs? Thanks.


Jan 22, 2019
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Try this:

<Cost Display Eval>
var variableId = 1; //This is the variable you are going to store the cost in
var value = a.mp; //this is the value that the variable will be set to
$gameVariables.setValue(variableId, value); //This is setting the variable to the value
</Cost Display Eval>

This notetag runs an eval before displaying the skill's cost. This is so
you can set up variables and whatnot for your skill cost display text.

<Custom Cost Display>
\v[1] MP //This will display the variable to display the cost
</Custom Cost Display>

That will show the cost as the users mp and should get around your problem. Just be sure to get rid of your custom Mp Cost notetag.

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