RMMV How to implement a own Battle System with Plugins?

Sep 27, 2020
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Hello Guys Im very new here an i hope i get some help, thanks at this point and sorry for my bad English.

Okay First i Show you a Picture that i create with Gimp it shows only my Idear for my own Battle Sytem.
Hit Box Conzept.png

This is only Conzept art But my system work with Attack Circles based on a Grid Also when you attack an enemey your actor has a range by the normal attack ist 5 Active Cells like the hitboxes(in yellow) form the actor here but the actor i too far from the enemey the he must walk to them. My Plan is you can put your Attack every where on the Grid but the actor must walk to them but he has a walk limit every round. The Actor has a sice from one Grid Cell and can walk 10 Cells that is enough to attack the Slime but not enough for the another enemy. The Attack Circle must only Colide with yellow Hitbox from the slime that man also when your have a atack with high range then is your Attack Circle Bigger and every enemys Hit boxes that colide with the attack Circle get damaged. Okay Thats my idear not all what i plan with this system but that the basics.

Im learn actually JS but and im newby but i know how the rules from js works and how it works. But my Problem is to implement a grid to the RPG Maker who you intergate withe the mouse an visual that in the Battle Scene when you start a Battle. My Core Problem is what code section i must choose to manipulate that via a plugin. Is it the Scene_Battle Function or somthing with a ui also a Window i must create i dont know where i must start. The other stuff is not the problem to code a Grid and so on but how can i get in to the RPG Maker?

I hope you can help me and thanks for your attention, i happy about every help i get.
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Jan 2, 2014
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All I can say is that, what you're trying to implement will be an advanced complex plugin, so you may want to be more experienced and familiar with developing battle system plugins first.
But, if you want to go on anyway, you may want to check this for your reference :)

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