How to Install the "redis" on RMMV


Jul 22, 2017
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The redis:

Before starting: I'm South Korean, it's mean... i don't use English well. and please understand when i use English silly

Original article:

First of all, i just test at "window 10", "RMMV 1.5.2", "redis 2.8.0", "redis-server 3.0"

RMMV 'Game.exe' is run by Node.js on javascript. It(Game.exe) is Node-webkit, exactly. the node-webkit is an application program version of node.js.
The 'User area' is mean game editing user interface including local project directory(ex: C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\Games\[project name])

If when installing redis on node.js through the NPM(Nodejs package manager) and Visual Studio(tested over 2015), you can see the two changes. First, on the main directory. There are a new directory would be created. And that name is "node_modules". Second, the package.json file would be edited.

The first change is easily conceivable. It is a node.js version of Redis client file. But the second change is not. that different of two phase is "Dependences" object.
When a Node.js is started, it reference "package.json".

So, we can use NPM? right? Unfortunately, is not. Node-webkit of RMMV was packaged. and is not on 'User area'.
When you run debug game on RMMV, It will be run node-webkit. there are located on (...\steamApps\common\RPG Maker MV\nwjs-win). when you use Window OS, directory nwjs(node-webkit javascript)-win is correct.
And the node.js reference package.json. reference "main" : "inedx.html" object, and that turn to 'User area'.

You just install it manually, as NPM did.
First, on nwjs-win directory. You create the directory " node_modules " and then you put in redis client folder into it.
The node_modules folder must be in the same directory as the package.json.

Second, modify package.json to add the "dependencies".

Finally, the redis client installation is complete. too easy, right?


redis-node.js git:

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