How to make an NPC move with the Player?


Nov 21, 2013
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Hello! I'm working with IG Maker and I have my player gadget and an NPC gadget of a friend. For one of my game's stages, I want the friend to match the player's movements (when the player jumps, the friend jumps, if the player walks left, the friend walks left, etc.)

I've tried several things but I can't get it to work quite the way I want it to. Here's what I've done so far:

  • I created a friend gadget and it has the same action programs as the player.
  • Initially in the game, the friend would copy the player's movements but it would not leave the space it was occupying.
  • I tried the master-slave gadget function as it mentioned that the friend would copy the player's actions, however when I tried this, it would occur for all the levels and the friend would appear behind the player as if following the player. This isn't quie what I had in mind
  • I checked the box for the friend to move towards the player gadget. This worked in the sense that the friend would leave the space it was occupying, but that was it. It would move in the direction of the player, but it wouldn't move backwards at all. (basically it would move left but not right, which is not what I need either)
I've been playing around with the setting and I'm not sure why this isn't working. Is it possible and I'm just going about it the wrong way? Any and all help on the matter would be appreciated.

Thank you!!!

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