How to make lower res/8 bit?


Feb 18, 2020
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Hi I just got RPG Maker XP, and I don't know how to make the game's graphics more simple and lower res.

As you can see above, the game is relatively detailed.

And I can't just change the player sprite to my style, because then it just looks too small in this world. I'm fine with making my own tilesets but still how would I make that work? The camera would be too zoomed out, the grid doesn't really match it, the res seems to be too high for that, and I don't know if upscaling lower res sprites is a good idea. I've done that once in another engine and the file size of my game was massive.

As you can see in the game above, the game is much more lower res and that's pretty much what I want to achieve. There are many other games that do the same thing.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Jun 25, 2016
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I gotchu and I love 8-bit pixely games too, but there's only a few things I can help with. You may need a program like Pyxel Edit, or any art program that can export and upscale a lower size image without making the pixels look messy. The way people make low-res pixel games is by literally giving everything the smallest size possible for each graphic/sprite, and usually upscaling it twice the size of the original. I'm not sure how upscaling super lower-res sprites would effect a games file-size that much, i've been doing it for most of my games and it barely affects the filesize. The reason low-res stuff needs to be upscaled is because RMXP renders everything down to the pixel, most game engines may do it differently, though i'm not genius with this stuff.

For sprites/characters
I usually start by drawing my characters with a minimum of 16-20px wide and 32 px high, everything is adjustable as long as there are a total of 16 frames in the spritesheet. Then once I'm done with the character I export the sprite sheet, then open that sprite sheet in another program and upscale it x2 the size of the original.
For tilesets
In order for the tileset to fit with the size of the character, each tile has to be half the original RMXP tile size (32x32). So each tiles width and height would have to be drawn in 16x16 then exported and upscaled twice the original size.
For fonts
This was embarassingly my longest struggle, and there's not much I can help with here since I'm still struggling a little with fonts. I would recommend looking up a few pixel fonts on google.

I am literally half awake and sorry if I didn't make much sense anywhere.

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