How to Make Oversize Char Imgs and use Weapons on Map_CharSprites


Mar 27, 2020
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I allready made 2 other Threads on that Topic, but now I am at a Point where i can post a Tutorial and some Basic Assets that can be used to build OverSized Imgs.
This is for the Usage of Weapons with CharSprites on Map.
(Not for Sv battles)
I wanted this for SRPG, but this solution can be used for any battle system that uses "MapBattles".

(Use Oversized Imgs)
First of all we need Oversized Char Imgs to have more Room for the Weapons, in this Case i used the Img "BigMonster2" and took its Size for all Imgs that i will provide here.

(Change Anchor)
Second thing is, if using Oversized Images , than its recommend to change the Anchor of the Event(Unit) which uses a Weapon.
Shaz made a really nice Plugin that provides all needed Functions for that :
Character Anchors
The Anchor change that is Required for this Setup is:
" Anchor Y = 0.65 "
i did that on the eventpage as Comment

(Make Weapon Imgs)

its possible to use the Images of the Default SV Weapon Animations as well as Using the Icon Img of a Weapon.
In most Case the Icon Img is a little bit Smaller than the same Weapon Animations Img.
I recommend to use the Icons Img (smaller fits better in Chars Hands) , except on the Spear i used the Weapon Animations Img, because Spear Icon was a bit small in my oppinion.
Also i recommend to NOT reSize any Images, but if needed its possible to change the Angle of a Weapon Img.. that only pixels a bit.
(as long this change is used on all Char-frameParts they will be no visible differense for the Player/Gamer)

(Use Own Chars on the Oversize Img)
Because i am not good with gimp or photoshop , i used Paint 3d to Edit the Imgs.Take your Char Sprite and put it on the CharSprite of a "$Default Img (male/female) "
- If your charSprite is Smaller than a Default CharSprite make sure to Cut of Parts of the Default CharSprite before doing this,..
Imgs in Spoiler for better understanding:
These Images Show orientation Options
This Image is an Example of "Cut everything except the Head" before adding your Char over the Default Img

(Orientation Options)
i added 2 Images for that.., "CenterPoints" & "PinkNet"
(for EG CopyPaste Over Img and UnDo after checking)
And also its always good to use the Nose or the Feet for Orientation like its shown in the Imgs above.

(Add Weapons to Chars)
It will be required to Copie the Weapons Over or Under The CharSprites, depending on the direction and the hand(right/left) that is used.
Also in some cases it will be required to cut/copy the Hands and to paste them over the Weapons again
Depending on the Final Char Sprite which is used,.. little edits of Weapon Positions will be required anyway.Its only importand that the Weapons are put properly into the hands..
-> allways change the Weapons Position depending on the Char Position, never the opposite way

Cut and Copy Hands
..And Paste the Hand on the Weapon again
Example for copy/paste Chars over the Weapon

Free Default Imgs for the right Size and Positions:
(these can be used as Refference to build own Imgs,.. and also for own projects)
All attached Imgs are free to use, and of course its required to own MV


-All Oversized Imgs need "$" on the start of the Img name to work correctly with rpg system

- Female and Male Chars are a bit diffrent by default:
following IMG shows the difference.. the female Default was copy/pasted over the Male Char
show diffrence.png
-> that means its not possible to make Weapon Imgs that can fit "1 for all", little extra edits to make everything fit correctly will allways be required
(but that should be no problem, the most work was to find the correct Accurate Positions for every Char)
=> thats why i provide the Default Images here..

I first Planed to add this to schlangans Char generator, but i think its easier for most people to copy/paste the own Chars over the default images
(also i want to credit Anyone who tried to explain me how to resize Images and using default positions, with Script & using Photoshop, but the PhotoshopVersion i could use was very old and different... i couldnt make that work)

=> if anybody else uses Photoshop and is interrested in the used Script which Anyone made for me , i attached it aswell..
(this Script was used by Anyone to Create the Female Default Img out of the CharPosition&ImgSize_Info of the Male Default Img.. that allready saved me a few hours of work and testing)


any attached imgs from this post are free to use aslong you own rpg maker MV, (for the chars), and/or any rpg maker that has the default weapons similar to rpg maker MV (for the weapons)


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Mar 27, 2020
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Sry i just recognized that i missed something on the:
" $swordFairie.png " which is attached on the posting above..
Hands are missing..

.. i edited the Img and attached the edited Version Here


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Mar 27, 2020
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i plan to build more Images , also for weapon Usage.
(not just carry the weapons)

However this will take more time, before i can provide some assets, but for those who are interressted, here is the First Prototype IMG for Actor 1.
it has 4 Images included:(from left to right)
- walk with weapon
- use weapon to attack
- use weapon to cast spell or item
- hold weapon idle

i left Pink lines on the Image incase its needed to seperate the Images,if thats not needed pls remove the Pink lines before Using the Image(s)

if anybody has ideas/suggestions what could be done better,since this is only the prototype,.. pls let me know!

Also if anyone is interressted , there is a really nice tool to try/test Char_animations.. this can be found here:


  • $Actor1_4D_prototype.png
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Mar 27, 2020
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another Update: /(FrankenSpriting)

well i am using another method now, because the default char sprites makes it hard to add bow animations to every char on 4Directions
(most other 1 hand weapons are no problem),..
.. i decided to make a fusion of the Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator and the Default "Heads" of RPG Chars, mostly by "franken spriting"..

This way we can atleast use the generator made faceIMGs that fit to the Heads and we could also still use the SV battler IMGs if needed
( but most clothes will look different because of different assets )
=> for Example we can use the Sv battler as chibi child version of the past, related to those Actors/Units ..

I am near to Finish the First Unit but for now it has only the assets for all "movement parts", "wearing a Shield" and "Bow Animations".. next thing that i will add, is different "weapon animations" to those "movement parts" in order to create the final Event IMGs that can be used in RPG projects.
I consider this as the best solution but it takes more editing work than just using a Genarator and building IMGs with the right sizes for Final Usage

Example Imgs:

I attach the first "main UNIT1" and its first finished "RPG Event Img
(Cast spell)" here as Example.. at the moment this has only "bow animations" and "shield wearing",.. "weapon animations" can be made with this..

I think this is the way to go ( for Mapbattle Systems ) and I am planing to build enough chars for my main Project and to share most of those Units/Chars when i am done

i leave this topic for editing questions/examples ect and i have another thread where i share more such chars which i am making for my project:

EDIT 2 (sidenote about terms)

Terms for this posting, attached imgs are the same like in the thread :
(in that case its only about the LPC generator and its terms + owning rpg maker MV)


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