How to make player able to disable or enable skill that they already acquired?


Apr 3, 2017
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Hello, i'm new to this RPG Maker stuff, so i'm still newbie for this.

I want to know, is there any plugin or any way that able to make player (or actor) to disable or enable skill?
I search it everywhere, and i didn't found it. I found one and that is - Equip Battle Skills, but it's will disable other Skill Type like Magic or Special, i don't want that for my game.

If my explanation is not clear enough, i will explain it more here :

John (The player, i think it will be easy to explain if the player had name) had 10 skill, but John only use 3 skills (Heal, Gas, and Fire)
When battle (or fighting, it's same), John always scrolling from skill slot 2 (Gas) to skill slot 9 (Fire) and it's make John annoyed because John always pressing up down button a lot, and sometimes John always bypass it.
So, John want to disable the rest useless skill (or unused skill, cause i think the word "useless" will make Skills sad) so he can scroll the skill slot very easily.

Example Skill Slot :
Skill Slot 1 : Heal
Skill Slot 2 : Fire
Skill Slot 3 : Confusion
Skill Slot 4 : Fog
Skill Slot 5 : Defense Up
Skill Slot 6 : Double Stab
Skill Slot 7 : Sneaky Attack
Skill Slot 8 : Freeze
Skill Slot 9 : Fire
Skill Slot 10 : Vanish

Well that's my question, or maybe request. Sorry for the bad grammar or explanation or something.
And sorry if there's already other people ask this question, i never find that thread.
Oh, if possible, make that feature into Skills Menu, so when you choose the skill ,there will be 3 option ( Use , Disable/Enable , Cancel ).


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