How To Start Quality Reviews? Can you Give Your Two Cents on this?


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Feb 16, 2016
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Hello there people of rpg maker,

I have been part of this community for a long time, but now I do need your help. I do like making games, but as my profession I am a music freelancer composer, and now I am trying to break into region of music video reviews and articles.

Long time I have noticed that with just your own pair of eyes you cannot see all faults in what you do. That is why I come here to ask your help.
Here is the Video Link

I made a first true music review about Civilization 6 soundtrack, and released it to test out the waters so-to speak. I do want to keep making these every month, and next time I release one of these I want it to be perfect. Tell me did you watch the video only half-way or full. Was it enjoyable? Did anything stick out as awful? Please share your harshest constructive critisisms :D


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Mar 23, 2017
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If that was supposed to be a review, then it failed horribly.
It's a 10 minutes long video, but the ONLY thing I learned from it was that civ uses real world music interpretations.
So, first of all, few seconds of each song as an illustration would be enough. You could in fact even pack in more nations if you shortened the lengths of each piece from 40 to 5-10 seconds. Also, if it's a review, it should contain more information relevant to the topic. While it's nice to know that civ 6 is a great game and that you'd want to have Finland in next civ, how is that in any way relevant to music? Especially when it was not brought in via natural flow of speech, but you just jumped into it.
And there was a ton of things you could have spoken about. You presented real world examples and said that each era uses a different soundtrack. The only thing I found out from you was that you found it interesting. But there's many things to speak about:
Did the music enhance the feel of current era? Or did it feel random? Does it feel like you can associate it with the country? How does the music feel after you listen to it for some time in game; Is it intrusive? Does it bore you? Or does it blend in, meaning you don't notice it after a while?
Of course there's a ton of space to express your feelings. What you like, dislike, love,... After all, it's a review. But a good review needs to cover the topic not just from whether you like it or not, but whether it belongs in there and other technicalities.
Also, could you please get a bit morřrrrre consistent in your speech? I've noticed that especially with the 'r' you're very inconsistent, and it's not just English vs. Finnish pronounciation of 'r', but also the length of the 'r'. I don't mind when you say it like a Finn, but some consistency would be grrrrreat. Which should apply not just to the pronounciation, but also to consistent flow of speech instead of galloping from a to c, e and back to a, then b,....

The only thing where I can't say anything bad is the intro. That was pretty good. For my taste it was too epic, but that's just me.

P.S Stop saying "I think" so much. There're so many things you can say instead. In my opinion, to my taste, my cup of tea, I would say, I find it,... Or you can just omit it, since review is your opinion only, so it should be clear that you think.

And just completely btw. I don't think Finland should be in next Civ series. With their history I can't think of any suitable leader.

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