How to use Frontview Battles in a higher resolution?


Dec 2, 2022
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Hey everyone,

So, I've currently been working on a game in a higher resolution. This worked out absolutely fine for the image quality and I really like the broader view it allows the player to have (currently on 1920 x 1280).

However, frontview combat gets really weird; The enemy sprites (no matter the size) will appear on the top left of the screen. Which also means that I cannot use any bigger images for my enemies. What I assume is happening here, is that the Troops editor in RMMV is stuck on the usual 816 x 624.

Here's an image to showcase this issue, using a basic Minotaur dragged all the way to the bottom right in the Troops editor:

I have a bunch of Yanfly plug-ins but most of these seem to be for Sideview combat. I am not sure if that will allow me a form of combat where enemies are directly in front of the player - as it is in frontview combat.

tldr; Is there any way to use higher resolutions for frontview battles?

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