Jul 28, 2013
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So, I've recently come across Jet's (very nice) Viewed Battle System, and I'd like to use it, but I already have Claimh's Bust Battle System Scripts in my game. I'd like the busts to be at the bottom of the screen, the enemies at the top, and my character battle sprites to be kind-of in the middle, just above the busts. When these two scripts are combined, battle is still functional and no crashes seem to occur, but the Busts disappear. It seems the busts and sprites cannot coexist here. The rest of the battle UI seems to stay, but only the busts disappear. Is there any workaround I could implement to make these be able to both display completely? The busts do react to being attacked by flickering, I would like to keep this effect while also having the "viewed battle" effects present. Like if a character is attacked, both the bust of the attacked person and their sprite should react accordingly to the external stimuli.

I've been looking through both scripts, but I can't seem to identify where they conflict. :/ My guess is that they both have some connection to "Game_Actor" and the Viewed Battle System is trying to take priority over this connection.

I need it to primarily look like this first image, but I also need it to have the bust format of the 2nd. [Please ignore my lack of enemy and battleback design; I'm still working that part out.  >_>  I'm hardly an artist, and there aren't many sprites of monsters or other enemies available that I've been able to find. If anyone knows of some Mack-style enemy sprites, or even just taller than one tile, I'd be very grateful.]



[EDIT: It's been a while and nobody's replied, so I guess it isn't possible. Added more keywords to the post. Consider this a bump.

I have observed one thing messing around with it, and that is that the Viewed Battle System functions fully until placed above the "BtlrFv [設定]" (Configuration) script that is only one of the parts of the full Claimh system. Just thought that might point somewhere. That's probably where the conflict in script is occurring.]
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