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Nov 15, 2017
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HPDS Jump Plugin v1.0.0
Michael Hernandez @highplainsdesignstudio

The HPDS Jump Plugin allows the game player to jump when pressing the "ok" button. The player jumps in the direction that they are facing if they are able to jump.

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The plugin user can set how many tiles the player will jump. There are also two sound effects: 1 for the jump and 1 for if the jump can not be completed. The player can still play events using the "ok" button and the jump is not processed.

How to Use
The plugin runs out of the box with no extra setup. The default jump is 3 tiles. The plugin user can change the distance of the jump, the sound effects, and the sound effects volume, pitch, and pan.

The player jumps by pressing the "ok" button. This includes the enter and spacebar among others. The plugin does NOT support touch input yet.

- Michael Hernandez High Plains Design Studio
- Contact admin@highplainsdesignstudio.com

Author's Notes
Hi. I made a plugin that let's the player jump in the direction that they're facing. Right now, only the "ok" button is supported. When the "ok" button is pressed, the user jumps if they are able to.

Please, let me know what you think or any bugs that you may find. Thank you for your time.
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