Nov 14, 2021
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Hello Wise Ones!,
Noob here.
I've been trying to figure out HUDmaker Ultra Pro, but I am frustrated by the lack of a basic manual and tutorials. I've watched and read what I could find but I'm still baffled.

All I want to do is make a persistent Button in the lower corner of the screen that you can mouse-click to open a simple inventory window, then click the window to close it again.
I want to have other functionality in there as well, but first I just want to get the dang thing to open.

I'm sure I'm missing something basic but I haven't been able to find it!

I have created the Button in HUDMaker as a small window with an icon in it. I've set the display condition to Player on Map, so it is showing up fine on the screen in game.
I used an Addon within the Button to trigger a Common Event on Mouse Click and created a Common Event that turns on an Pouch Open switch.

The Inventory Window display condition is set to Pouch Open switch ON.

So - that should display the Inventory Window when that Button is clicked, right???

Well, it's not working.

The Button appears but does not respond at all to a mouse click.

Haven't gotten to closing the window yet because I haven't been able to get it to open.

Does anyone know what the problem is?
Or can you walk me through setting this up correctly?

I would really appreciate the help!

I've attached an image to show the basic idea (graphics are still placeholders).

Thank you!


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The Silver Wolf
Aug 18, 2019
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Hey there Secret, I actually had a similar question about button hover animation effects and I'm equally annoyed by the lack of documentation for this tool considering how much I paid for the pro version.... (p.s. if anyone knows how to add a hover animation to custom components, please pm me on Discord at Kurochan#4329 )

As for an answer to your question about how to make a button that is always on screen and can toggle opening and closing a menu, here's how I did it:

Step 1: make the button out of some sort of graphic type of component (like an icon or picture or a shape, etc...)

Step 2: position the button you made in Step 1 by clicking and dragging it where you want it to sit on the screen.

Step 3: (assuming you have the pro version) add an On Click addon to the button directly (if it's a custom component you'll need to add the click addon to the component in it's custom edit view meaning the view you're in when you select it in the list of custom HUD/Components)

Step 4: in the click addon edit window, you can use either of this block of code in the code trigger option to toggle the show/hide status of the menu HUD (NOTE: This method requires a dedicated switch meant only to be used by this to work):
// replace "id" with the id of the switch you want to bind to this menu's toggle show/hide status let isActive = $gameSwitches.value(id) if (isActive) { // again replace "id" like before $gameSwitches.setValue(id, false) } else { // again replace "id" like before $gameSwitches.setValue(id, true) }

Step 5: Set the visibility condition for the menu HUD to the value of the switch you used in the code block from the previous step.

(Adding an open/close SE sound to play on button click)

Modify the code block from Step 4 to look like this:

// set the following settings to be the // filename of the SE without the .ogg // extension, the desired volume level // you want the sound to play at, and // the pitch you want it to sound like const SE = { name: "SE file name", volume: 90, pitch: 100 } // play the SE audio. (It will not loop.) AudioManager.playSe(SE) // replace "id" with the id of the switch you want to bind to this menu's toggle show/hide status let isActive = $gameSwitches.value(id) if (isActive) { // again replace "id" like before $gameSwitches.setValue(id, false) } else { // again replace "id" like before $gameSwitches.setValue(id, true) }

Hope this was helpful for you Secret! You're welcome to add me on Discord if you want extra help with RPG Maker MZ stuff. I work as a professional indie game dev and I also have my own personal MZ Plugin set I plan to release to the community pretty soon too. (My Plugin set is called the KuroEngine and I plan to make most of the plugins free for use in both commercial and free games.)

Happy Coding!
~ Kurochan from KuroyukiDev Games

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