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Jan 15, 2023
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Hi! I've been working on a small project for a while and was in need of some custom assets that I couldn't seem to find, so I decided to make some myself!:LZYcheeze: I'm not much of an artist so what I ended up doing was editing some dlc and default assets into what I needed. I'm fairly happy with how they turned out [although the face img does look a little wonky to me], so I thought I'd share them with everyone. Enjoy!

Plague Doctor Face.png
Plague Doctor.png
Plague Doctor Damage.png
His nose gets a little cut off at the tip when using his icon for events but its not really that noticeable. I haven't done any sv battlers for him because the tasked seemed extremely daunting at the time, as did doing any kind of boss battler images, but I might try the sv battlers in the future depending on whether or not I need them for my game.
Credit: Just credit them to BerylSpider, the base assets all belong to Kadokawa, and these are the ones that I used:

I took the mask off of this lady from the Dark Fantasy dlc pack

and put it on the dude in the hood on the top right from the base Sci-Fi resources

On that last one I took the Plague doctor mask from the lady on top middle right and put it onto the face of the witch doctor dude in bottom left corner. The asset obviously also comes from the Dark Fantasy dlc pack.

Non-Commercial: Hell yeah, go for it and lmk about your game!

Commercial: I don't know how the rules work regarding assets built off of dlc, but if it's
allowed then I don't really mind if anyone uses these in a commercial game, although it'd be cool if you let me play your game for free!

Repost: I don't mind as long as you credit me and preferably link back to this post.

Edits: I actually would love to see edits of these! I'm intrigued to see if anyone feels like taking a stab at cleaning up the face.

Repost of Edits: Go for it!

Maker Required: I used RPG Maker MV assets, so anything that's compatible with those.

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