I need a complicated pokemon script, help?


Sep 16, 2013
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I'm very new at making RPGs and I really, really wanted to make a pokemon game. The version of RPG Maker I have does not have any scripts to make a game like Pokemon, so I came here. Before I get to the request, I guess it would be important for you to know about the game, but if you're not interested, you don't have to read it. I'll bold it so you know what text to skip over.

The game is going to be called Pokemon: Black Crystal. It takes place after Oak completes his research and all pokemon have been discovered. New creatures, called Hybrids(Human/Pokemon anthro mixes), have started showing. They were created from the positive energy creating from Pokemon/Human bonds and feed off those, so they have to travel with trainers to get their nourishment. Along the way, they collect items and occasionally learn pokemon moves. They have their own party that they lend you when all of your pokemon faint.  When all of their pokemon faint, you can use them as a last resort to battle. 

You choose one before you choose your starter, and in this game there is only one left available and he doesn't like you too much. He is your rival, and he follows you everywhere. The main character in this game is a girl. Anyway, so you take the pokemon Gym Challenge and along the way become enemies with Team Wendigo, a team of Hybrids working against humans to make Hybrids the 'dominant race'. 

So basically, what I need is a pokemon script that allows you to have 12 pokemon, two different trainers that you can switch between, the ability to use a Hybrid when all 12 pokemon faint and MAYBE  the ability to make animated cut scenes in this game.

Oh yeah, the RPG Maker is VX Ace.Can't believe I forgot to put that there earlier. *facepalm*
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