I need some skill suggestions for a "glass cannon" type character.

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics Design' started by Little Paw, Aug 25, 2013.

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    A "glass cannon" is a character who is VERY strong, but has VERY low defenses.

    But... I'm having some trouble coming up with skills to fit this character style...

    So far, this is what I have (skill names are placeholders till I can think of something better).

    Deathblow - 2.5x stronger than a normal attack, but only 70% accuracy. (Vs 1 foe)

    Power Boost - Triples attack power until you take your next action, but halves your defense and magic defense during this time. (Vs self)

    Critical Force - Increases critical hit rate by 15% for 3 turns (Vs 1 ally)

    Intimidate - Halves the chance of being attacked by enemies for 3 turns (Vs self).

    I want the character to be about risk vs reward - The bigger a risk you take, the more damage you do, and the class is built to do A LOT of damage.

    So... what other sorts of skills could I use?
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    True Deathblow - 5x stronger than a normal attack but with risk of death (25%) to the user.

    Revenge - Damage scales with HP. The less HP you have, the more you deal.

    Frenzy - Doubles attack for 5 turns, character is blinded.

    Life Morph - Steals HP from all party members to cure wounds.

    Gamble - Deal anywhere from 0% to 250% damage.

    Limit Break: Coinflip

    50% chance of victory, 50% chance of Game Over (doesn't work on bosses).
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    With Risk vs Reward in mind, I'd think that a Glass Cannon type character already is a risk vs reward: if they can't deal enough damage to one-shot a target, they risk being one-shot themselves. So if I was to create a character like this, I'd very much stay away from "chance to hit" abilities, like the Deathblow - 2.5x stronger than a normal attack, but only 70% accuracy. (Vs 1 foe) idea. I'd prefer to move the risk vs reward aspect into "finding the ability or method to OHKOing enemies and there being consequences if he fails to do so" rather than the "flip a coin! if heads, you do massive damage! if tails, you miss!" sort of mechanics. Or, a better way to keep that "chance" element is to use Critical Hits instead of Misses. You probably don't want him OHKOing bosses, but that's where you need ways to keep the boss from hitting him or striking in general (ie: your other party members could be using abilities that inhibit the boss's abilities or helps your glass cannon from taking any damage). This is just how I'd approach a glass-cannon character, though, so take this however you want.

    Some example abilities:

    1. elemental/attribute strikes. Finding the enemies weakness gives you that 2x damage bonus which would surely let the Glass Cannon OHKO the enemy. If he doesn't hit the weakness, that's where he's dealing normal damage and risks leaving them alive and letting them get a turn in.
    2. ability that does more/less damage depending on the number of debuffs on the target but remove said debuffs from the target. This ability would ideally be super strong when paired up with a debuffing ally. If you fail to kill the target with this though, they will have those debuffs removed immediately and will possibly be able to attack.
    3. an ability that deals normal damage and gives user a 1 turn DEF buff. This ability would be reserved for when you KNOW that you can't eliminate the target before it gets an attack in, and you just want to improve your chances of surviving a hit.
    4. massive damage ability with recoil damage to user. Although the recoil sounds meaningless if a glass-cannon dies in one hit anyways, the recoil has meaning when you take DEF/RES buffs into account. Maybe the glass cannon can survive an attack with 10% HP remaining when he has a DEF buff. In this case, that recoil damage could be allowing you to die in one hit even with a DEF buff.
    5. CRT is a great way to add that random element. To me, this entirely trumps options like "massive damage but 60% accuracy" abilities. Give an ability an improved chance to CRT compared to a normal attack. The consequences are dealing normal damage, not missing entirely. I think this would feel much better on the player (nobody likes missing).
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    Something like this;

    (((a.mat - a.def) + a.mat) * 5) - ((b.def + b.mdf)) * 2

    Eric- Class Dmg Dealer- No Armor Equip = around 385 Dmg

    Ted- Class Dmg Dealer- Lots of Armor = around 225 Dmg

    Only difference was Eric Def was 27 and Ted Def was 59.
  5. Jawnsunn

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    as a glass cannon myself, I can tell you my experiences.

    well just one I guess.

    Great Kill - Gain 2x attack boost if an enemy exceeds your HP.
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    you could try a skill that sacrifices all remaining MP and does damage based on the amount used. you could also try skills that do damage but cost HP. you could also try a skill that sacrifices all remaining HP and does damage based on the amount used ( kinda like the old FF bombs and their explosion ability)
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    Going by your described intent, I would center this character around gameplay that sacrifices battle turns to increase offense.  That way they have to in effect take what the enemy gives them before unleashing an all out attack.  That sounds like the best way to implement a risk vs reward mechanic for your offensive character to me. 

    It's also a more developed strategy and doesn't have counter logic.  It's always bothered me when games make these super powerful characters who hit like semi trucks - yet take hits like a wet noodle.  If you are a huge brutish character with the power to land massive physical blows like that, chances are you would have the bulk to take it as well as give it.  But all that layered muscle might slow you down some.  So the need to sacrifice battle turns before acting could be a way to express that, and give the character a more logical weakness to accommodate.

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