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    Hi! My name is Erik. I'm a former owner of a toy/game/comic shop (Flashbax) and am semi-retired atm as I shift gears in business. I'm currently working on a memoir based on the first 20-25 years of my life as well as working on a RPG Maker MV project I hope to have released on Steam someday.

    Been using the RPG Maker series since 2000 with the RPG Mkaer on the ps1. Never really liked 3, it was cool, but flawed.

    I'm an expert in the field of toys/games/comics with over 20 years in the field. At one point had one of the larger Transformer collections in the world with some 50,000 pieces (over 5,000 of those being Transforming robots)! Now I'm rebuilding that collection of Transformers (staying to loose robots mainly, no memorabilia) and D&D/Roleplaying books and minis (over 500 books and close to 1,000 minis).

    I live in the midwest of the United States, but would say Las Vegas was/is my true home since that place was a blast to live in.
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    Hi Erik and welcome aboard!
    Hope you have fun and learn with us, and we hope to learn from you as well.
    Wow that is a lot of Transformer stuff! I'm sure your knowledge on toys/game/comics will help you out in MV. Even knowing that you have been playing around with the software for almost 2 decades, I advise to take a look at a couple of tutorials first, we can always learn something new ^^
    Good luck to all your projects!
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