I wanna play my RPG, but im not sure if this is the programm I need

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    At first, I'm from Spain, so please forgive my bad english. I'll do my best with it.

    I am an eingenieering student, and I have some programming knowledgements (C, C++, Java...). I wanna make an online RPG, playable both on my Android and my PC. Togheter. ¿Can I make it with some of these programs?

    And the most important thing: I wanna make someking of sandbox (like a Roguelike), changing the map every time that you enters in some place. So... There is some way to use an script or something like that for that part? Can I touch the code of the game?
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    Single player online is possible with RMMV (HTML/Javascript-based) only, but not with the older makers. RMMV is also the only maker that can deploy to OSX, iOS and android in addition to Windows. Multiplayer may be possible using community plugins for RMMV later, but most of those are still in development.

    As for a roguelike game - yes, possible, but not by default - you'll need to work with plugins (and probably write some of those yourself) to get that.

    I suggest trying out the free trial (RMMV trial works for 20 days) if you're not sure before purchasing anything.

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