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Jul 27, 2014
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Hi everyone !

~IB-like Menu~

Author : Biwy/Ssozi

License : None. Just ask for commercial use.

Description :

A long time ago, a friend requested me a script : an IB-like menu (like the one shown on the screen).

Features :
- display an image for the backgroung

- shows some items of the inventory thanks to images

- a character's life, like a flower (it's just an image)

- thanks to a touch press, you can have an access to the save menu

Screens :

Requires :

You will need 3 images :
- HP_BAR : which is the flower (the life bar). She goes up to bottom.
- HP_BAR_BACK : which is the the life bar "background"
- MenuBack : which is the background image

Of course, you will need an image for each item you want to display. You just have to put an image with the item's name in the Graphics/System folder.

They can be replaced.

Scripts :

Link here.

Known issues : None. Tell me if you find one.

Hope you will like it ! [IMG][/IMG]
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