ICF-Soft Enemy Troops Extension


Aug 15, 2015
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ICF-Soft Enemy Troops Extension - Version 1.00
by ICF-Soft


This plugin allows more conditions to battle events and to concatenate troops.
This is similar to ICF-Soft Event Extension, made to work with troops. I've decided to separate this because of the diferences between these so I can give different features each one.
It uses switches and variables that can be needed inside a battle, like game ones, actor and party ones, battle ones, and enemy and troop ones.

Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's functionalities go to blog post or my plugin list.


  • A lot of switch types and all you will need.
  • A lot of variable types and all you will need.
  • Custom javascript conditions.
  • Add enemies from other troops.

How to Use

It needs ICF-Soft Main Utility version 1.01 to work.

To enable a page you must give it a condition, then add every extra condition to a page with a comment or note, same format as plugin commands.

Also you can add enemies from another troop id by adding a comment no mather wich page.

All info you will need is in help section.

You can downolad from mediafire: Version 1.00.
You can find blog entry and check for updates here.

Terms of use
Free for commercial and non-commercial games.
If commercial, a free copy of your game whould be fine.
Credit to ICF-Soft.

Do not repost without permision.

Credit and Thanks
- ICF-Soft

Author's Notes

More features will be aded soon.
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