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    ICF-Soft Event Extension - Version 1.00
    by ICF-Soft


    Add more conditions to events giving more flexibility.

    With this plugin you can add extra conditions like more switches, unlimited selfswitches, unlimited mapswitches and versatile variables.

    Mapswitches are special switches that aplies to all events in a map.

    Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's functionalities go to blog post or my plugin list.


    • All switchs you will need.
    • Unlimited selfswitches and all you will need in a page.
    • Unlimited mapswitches and all you will need in a page.
    • All variables you will need.
    • More versatile variables.

    How to Use

    To add an extra condition to a page put a note or comment in the command list in a format similar to plugin commands:

    switch x
    selfswitch x
    mapswitch x
     - Add a game, self or map switch respectively. Game switch must be a number but self and map ones aren't restricted.

    variable x value
    variableless x value
    variableequal x value
     - Add a variable condition. There three types: min, lower and equal to especified value.

    To turn self or map switches use plugin commands:

    selfswitch x true/false
    mapswitch x true/false
    All info you will need is inside plugin.

    You can downolad from mediafire: Version 1.00.
    You can find blog entry and check for updates here.

    Terms of use
    Free for commercial and non-commercial games.
    If commercial, a free copy of your game whould be fine.
    Credit to ICF-Soft.
    Do not repost without permision.

    Credit and Thanks
    - ICF-Soft

    Author's Notes
    This plugin gives a lot of options to events. It's good combined with plugins like ICF-Soft Time Utility.
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    Some more features have been added to plugin to make it more powerfull and versatile.

    Version 1.03:

    • Use of ICF-Soft Main Utility.
    • Added partyswitchs.
    • Added self, map and party variables.

    Version 1.02:

    • Fixed and improved lunatic mode.
    • More versatile variables.
    • Added remote switchs.

    Version 1.01:

    • Added lunatic mode.

    To get latest version you can go to it's blog entry or my plugin list.
    This version requires ICF-Soft Main Utility to work.

    You can as example check if one partymember has a switch on. You can use a bunch of selfvariable types like checking max actor selfvariable from party or mapvariables that affect every event inside map.

    Let me know if there is some feature that should plugin have.

    And remember: free for commercial and non-commercial games and ICF-Soft must be included into credits.
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    Can you possibly make a short tutorial on how to use this and put it on youtube? I know thats a lot to ask but I mean it might bring even more traffic to this plugin and it would help beginners like me understand how to use it cause im totally lost! ;_; I want to trigger a self switch in one page and in the other page in the same event it will need that self switch on but i need like 8 self switches and I dont understand your explaination...

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