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    ICF-Soft Formula Shortcut - Version 1.00
    by ICF-Soft

    This plugin adds a lot of usefull shortcuts to use in formulas.

    In skills and items there are fields to place a formula to determine damage and heal. Also is known that some plugins enables more places to put formulas like in notes, comments, plugin params, etc...

    Sometimes there isn't enough space or formulas become too complicated.

    With this plugin you can use some shortcuts and simplify formulas to make the effect you want.

    Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's functionalities go to blog post or my plugin list.


    • Check highest/lowest param.
    • Check HP/MP/TP rate, percentage and loss from user or user's team.
    • Check entire team ATK/DEF/MAT/MDF/AGI/LUK.

    How to Use

    Use inside formula fields and plugin enabled formula fields. Some formula examples:

    a.highparam() - b.lowparam() / 2
    a.allteamwound() - b.teamwound()
    a.entiremat() - b.entiremdf() / 2

    More inside plugin.

    You can downolad from mediafire: Version 1.00.
    You can find blog entry and check for updates here.

    Terms of use
    Free for commercial and non-commercial games.
    If commercial, a free copy of your game whould be fine.
    Credit to ICF-Soft.
    Do not repost without permision.

    Credit and Thanks
    - ICF-Soft

    Author's Notes
    It can give more depth to formulas. I'd like to know more needed shortcuts to add.
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