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Aug 15, 2015
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ICF-Soft Skill Core - Version 1.00
by ICF-Soft​


This plugin allows to give skill costs, conditions and skill variations.

  • Custom skill conditions.
  • Custom skill costs.
  • Skill variations.

How to Use

It needs ICF-Soft Main Utility to work.

Like other plugins it works with notetags.
There are current skill notetags:
<hp cost value value%>
<mp cost value value%>
<tp cost value value%>
- Add skill costs. You can give a fixed cost, a percentage cost or both.
<cparam cost value value%>
- Add skill cparam cost. You can use the name of cparam.

To give skill conditions you can use these notetags:

<custom conditions>
</custom conditions>

You can use these commands inside tags.
hp [=|!=|>|>=|<|<=] value [percent]
mp [=|!=|>|>=|<|<=] value [percent]
tp [=|!=|>|>=|<|<=] value [percent]
cparam [=|!=|>|>=|<|<=] value [percent]
- Add hp, mp, tp and cparam value requisites. It can be equal, not equal greater than, greater or equal, lower and lower or equal a value. By placing the word 'percent' or a percent symbol it can be a percentage.
switch n [on|off]
- Add switch condition to be on or off.
variable n [=|!=|>|>=|<|<=] value
- Add variable condition that can be equal, not equal greater than, greater or equal, lower and lower or equal a value.
js code
- Add a custom javascript condition.

To give skill variations you can use these notetags:

<skill variation name>
</skill variation>

Name is used to determine what variation is used. You can give same variation names to different skills.

You can use these commands inside tags:
hp cost x y%
mp cost x y%
tp cost x y%
cparam cost x y%
- Changes the cost of a skill.
hp [damage|recover|drain]
mp [damage|recover|drain]
cparam [damage|recover|drain]
- Changes damage type.
icon x
- Changes icon.
elements elm elm elm
elements override elm elm elm
- Adds damage elements to skill. By using 'override' the standard damage elements that a skill has will be overriden.
name name
- Changes skill name.
evalformula javascriptcode
- Changes eval formula.
effects x x x x
- Add subeffect sets taken from main utility notation. You can add multiple sets. Refer to main utility readme file.

There are also notetags for actors, classes and enemies:
<skill variation names name name name name>
- Adds variation names to be used. The order when picking a variation name is from left to right, first for actor/enemy, then for it's class. It can work with plugins that give classes to enemies.

All info you'll need can be found inside help section.


You can downolad from mediafire: Version 1.00.
You can find blog entry and check for updates here.

Terms of use
  • Free for commercial and non-commercial games.
  • If commercial, a free copy of your game whould be fine.
  • Credit to ICF-Soft.
  • Do not repost without permision.

Credit and Thanks
  • ICF-Soft

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