ICF-Soft Yanfly show params compatibility

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    ICF-Soft Yanfly show params compatibility - Version 1.00
    by ICF-Soft


    This plugin allows you to show parameters created with ICFSoft Params Core in some Yanfly plugins.

    Actually it works with Yanfly Equip core, Item core, Shop menu core and attach augments but will be work with more. Must be below all of them.

    How to Use

    All config is done througth plugin options. There are fields where placing the name of the params that will be shown.

    You can downolad from pastebin: Version 1.00.
    You can find blog entry and check for updates here.

    Terms of use
    • Free for commercial and non-commercial games.
    • If commercial, a free copy of your game whould be fine.
    • Credit to ICF-Soft.
    • Do not repost without permision.

    Credit and Thanks
    • ICF-Soft
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