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    Hello. I would like so much your help guys.

    So, i know about Galv's Character Animations, however, you have to put the idle, walk and run animation in a sheet of 8 characters. I'm using Galv's Characteres Frames and Gal'vs Diagonal Movement. The problem is that each animation is 8 frames, and then i need to put the 8 directions (diagonal movement too) and the walk/idle/run movement IN A SAME SHEET. The image is too big and the RPG Maker MV cant render! The result is the black square.

    I would like the same idea of Galv's Character Animations, but I would like to separate the graphics (i'm also using the more frames and diagonal movement). The result would be something like 

    - MyChar_idle%(8).png

    - MyChar_wlk%(8).png

    just that. I put some examples of the sheet i would like to use.



    Sem título.png



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