Jun 8, 2016
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So I had been using RPG maker for some time now, and Ive been having some issues with my main character (The one in first slot) having a different idle animation than the rest of my characters. This was managable to a degree when using Chibi sprites because the animation it used was close to the idle animation. Fast Forward to now and Im using newer, more detailed sprites with different animations, and now it just looks odd. Hes stuck in an animation as if hes readying a physical attack skill, and using it as if it were registered as his idle animation. Problem is, I dont know how to change it so it shows his actual idle animation. Im using a bunch of Yanflys plugins when this problem first came up. I could really use some help. Does one of Yanflys plugins change the idle animation of a character? If so, please help me change it back to normal.


This is a screen cap of him in his changed idle animation, he isnt using a skill or blocking

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