RMMV [IGMC 2017] 1 Hour Less Than: A Realm RI


Jun 20, 2013
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It's 6 months past IGMC, I wonder if it's okay to post now. It took some time to bring myself to update it and here is the updated game:

+ Treasure boxes added
+ Hints added leading to the bosses, some required changes to the maps
+ Some new story scene

Game starts as some hero looking guys are asleep in middle of the dark jungle, an evil looking lord who is running away, falls over them. Oh he did not notice, the crystals are on the ground. Now what you will do with the crystals is up to your choices.

I made this without using any text for dialogues, instead you'll see characters speak through the balloons.

Don't rush to leave some areas carelessly, if you want to see "all 4 bosses defeated" ending; cause you skipped and you don't have the choice you had before leaving anymore and you'll see a different ending.

There is a guide I wrote for V1 of the game at the devlog which it still works.

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