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Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by AubreyTheBard, Oct 7, 2017.

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    Hello all. I'm here to offer my services for an IGMC 2017 project. I'm willing to participate in a project for free, although of course if we actually win anything I'd like a piece of the pie. ;)

    Skills Offered:

    Programming: My forte is programming and scripting. I've mostly worked with RPG Maker 2003, but I own all the Makers up through VX Ace, and I'd be willing to pick up MV if I had a strong enough reason.

    For demonstrating my general programming capability, it's easiest to point to my contributions in DynRPG. DynRPG is a framework for creating plugins in C++ to modify RPG Maker 2003. Unfortunately this can't be used in the contest, but it shows what I can do in general. My most popular plugin is DynBattleDisplay, which adds informational displays by the battlers:


    I've also made some fairly complex systems in RPG Maker scripting, like a random dungeon generator and a data compressor. We won't have time during this contest for anything too ambitious, but I'm definitely comfortable with heavy coding.

    Writing: I'm also a pretty good creative writer. If you'd like somebody to help write exposition and dialogue, or just proofread and provide suggestions for improvements, I can do that.
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    I send a pm (if you still search a team)

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