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Feb 11, 2014
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A few things:

Ok, so later today and whenever I have time after, I will be doing LQ streaming a bit of IGMC entries (less as a player and more as QA). Obviously, those that wiped their entries might not be shown if I deleted the file already. I'm not putting a link to my youtube here. Go on discord if you really care.

I will be putting some feedback here from my videos. Now, a lot of games were amazing, but didn't quite make the cut.

Now, if you want feedback on your game or if you want me to break a game, you can contact me on discord, but don't ask me why you didn't win. Don't pm me here. I only check here once a year.

Also, please leave me some space here because I don't want to have to make 252 links.

First Video:

My Entry:

Idol Goddess Made Captive 2017

(Note: Since the dungeon was removed until I could finish it, these five characters are not in the game, though their items are. The only way to meet these characters is to find and re-link the dungeon).

Synopsis: An innocent, normal girl is kidnapped by the villain to become an Idol wife! Can our heroine save herself? Find out next time, on IGMC!

What would you do if you were kidnapped without warning and then given little to do but to fight for the entertainment of others? What if your kidnapper wanted to make you into an idol and marry you? And... What if... your new life was better than your old one?

  • This game is actually the Sister game of "The Revenge of AI Sin's Computer". You can see small mentions of the Sister game here.
  • Each ending is actually technically a 'true ending', the "True Ending" is actually supposed to be the prequel ending. The TRUE "True Ending" is the final "True Ending."
  • There is a hidden boss if you use exactly 44 Freedom Passes.
  • There is a semi-hidden boss if you use 4444 Freedom Passes.
  • There is no hidden boss for 444 Freedom Passes.
  • Most hidden bosses were not meant to be found before the achievements update. Each one drops something extremely valuable, such as the strongest accessory.

Rock-paper-scissors type combat and a somewhat discreet tutorial mode (except the first battle) where you can experiment and see what works and when. The tutorial mode levels with you! After getting past the tutorial mode, you, the player, controls when the story progresses and which storyline progresses!

Features over 32 sub-endings and 3 main endings! Hidden cheat mode! Super secret characters (less than 0.001% of players are expected to find them!) Maybe something happens if you find all the endings.

Warning: A lot of clues are hidden within the dialogue. In particular, people seem to be missing the fact that Faerei hands you a book to read and later an NPC shows up that hints at using the book to change your class. Your room is another clue as it slowly changes. The game is designed for the player to find the clues to free themselves, the game will not easily give up the important clues!

10 Playable Classes for your Main Character! (There are more classes than that, but most are for hidden characters or currently unavailable).

While the fastest endings can be reached in less than an hour, there are many endings that are more difficult to obtain!

Note: you can only start collecting bad ends once you've found a primary/node ending.

There are many endings not available to the public, but maybe there is some secret method to find them? (Most will be made available to the public after the dungeon update, but the 'secret' endings will not as they are supposed to be 'what if' endings). Sorry I wasn't able to include all the endings. This was my first RPG Maker MV game and I was still learning the engine since I only gave myself 4 days to make the game.

  • SinのAria - Did something instead of being lazy.
  • Himesaur - Cover Art
  • Jessie P. - Character Concept
  • Yanfly - Initial Plugins
  • Degica/Kadokawa/Enterbrain - RPG Maker

    • Several issues fixed.
    • Combat returned to original difficulty/pacing.
    • Combat balance fixed slightly.
    • Increased story pacing.
    • Proper intro (instead of the shortened version).
  • Combat Rebalance
    • The game was designed for a specific battle system. Once we finish making that battle system, the combat will be properly balanced.
    • Battle Gauge system! Fight multiple battles at once!
  • Re-enable and finish the dungeon
    • The dungeon is an area where you can explore and rebuild upon clearing each set of floors.
      • This allows for more customization of your dungeon diving experience.
    • This will also re-enable dungeon endings for another 15+ endings.
    • Battle Gauge system! Fights deplete the gauge and you can fight multiple battles together!
  • Re-enable and finish dungeon shopfront
    • This will be available after the first dungeon floor.
    • Adventurers can pay for a guided dungeon tour or dive themselves.
    • You can sell merchandise such as potions, armor, weapons, or elevator access (if you have it installed).
    • Upgrade your shopfront to attract sales and provide more stock space.
    • This will enable the merchant endings for 10+ endings
  • Cell expansions.
    • Currently hidden companion will be available.
    • Expand fast to save a potential ally.
    • More stuff such as furniture shop.
  • Faster paced arena - less training wheels!
    • More randomization of enemies!
  • Abyss unlock!
    • Link yourself to a different abyss!
    • Take over other abyss territories in the name of your new Gatekeeper!
    • Take revenge on Neferti for those bad ends! (Must see all Neferti and Thanatos abyss related bad ends to unlock)
  • Unlockables:
    • Schoolgirl Sienna and her Tentacle monster pet make their cameo!
    • Two unlockable companions from the Arena storyline!
    • Several other classes will be available, some unique for NPCs.
  • New combat modes!
    • Your mode changes battles, some even disable battles as you know them!
      • Duel mode forces 1v1 battles for slower, but more significant battles.
      • 'Puzzle' battles, you must find the enemy's weakness.
      • Exploration battles, you must explore the enemy's world and clear their world (No direct battling)
      • Chain mode, you fight continuously until you break the chain!
      • Supporter mode, you gain the ability to use supporter units. Examples:
        • Hikikomori: Revives the party every 4th turn.
        • Ba(Za)Ka: Randomly charges at an enemy for heavy damage every 10th turn.
        • Yandere: Gives the party a stat buff
      • Caster defense mode, you protect your caster while they cast powerful spells, some of which can wipe out multiple waves of enemies!
  • And more!

Link: Good luck. It is somewhere. In the spirit of the game, we've made it so you have to find the link yourself. Not in the spirit of the game, we made it easy to find.
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Aug 21, 2014
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Once a year? :D No way!
Anyway, be careful of what you wish for....but hey I think we are down to 230ish entry by now so....I don't think it will ever reach 252 anymore.


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Mar 5, 2012
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How about a link to your usual twitch or whatev so we can get a warn you goof? :kaosalute:


The Chaotic One
Feb 11, 2014
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I put the link in discord XD

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