Sep 5, 2021
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As some of you might remember, I left a while back because of some frustrations with VX Ace battle system, so I went on to buy a completely different game engine with the intent of making a voxel art game. Great tool.... except the scripting system confused me no end (It wasn't the engine at fault here, but my own ignorance on how code works, even if the game logic is drag and drop logic boxes aka visual scripting, I thought I'd be able to learn it as easily as I picked up eventing, but apparently my brain doesn't want to work like that. I do one day want to learn to code though, it would be very useful and open up many possibilities, including doing a project in RPG in a Box sometime, because I really do like it even if I'm unable to use it properly at present). I was helping someone else with voxel art assets (quite easy with magicavoxel, and I was pretty good at it too), and then he said he thought his game might be better in RPG Maker, and had a copy of MV. He got me a steam key for MV and I started working on his tilesets (still working on that at the moment). Then I had an amazing idea.... all the frustrations I dealt with with VX Ace could be solved with MVs plugins. When I have finished doing pixel art for my friend, and later for myself, I will be making something with MV3D and mogs chrono engine. I'm going to do something completely unique, a tileset with 16 bit colours, made as 16x16 graphics upscaled to fit the 48x48 tiles, making it look like a retro game, then add in MV3D and chrono engine and I have myself a retro game that looks and feels like a mixture of RPG and first person shooter. I've seen a lot of seriously impressive work done in MV3D, and I love that plugin so much. Chrono engine changes everything too, because I wanted in-map real time battles, and now I can have them alongside the easy to understand eventing system that rpg maker provides.

I won't be able to start work for a while because I am still doing a ton of pixel art for my friend, but when I have finished that I will be able to do art for my own game pretty quickly given it's retro style, and then I can start to work on my own game. I am still torn between a couple of ideas: either a super futuristic world in which the player and an alien friend save the world from hostile aliens who want Earths resources, or a haunted mansion game where it's hard to tell if you're awake or dreaming.

So, the short of it is this: you will be hearing more from me, but not much in the immediate future because I'm busy with pixel art. Obviously when I am actively building my game, I will keep everyone updates.

BTW, it's good to be back, hope you're all doing okay :)
Oct 9, 2018
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Hello!! welcome good luck with your project!! i hope to see your pixel art soon! :)

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