I'm considering uploading my game to Steam Greenlight

Discussion in 'Commercial Games Discussion' started by AnthroMP, Jan 9, 2016.

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    The trolls are really hard-hitting though. One thing I recommend is going through other RPG Maker games' comments and reading the really nasty ones. At least, that'll prepare your heart for the beating it'll get.

    I just submitted my game to Greenlight today and am starting to face the onslaught. However, the ugly troll I'm trying to ignore happens to be the same one that bashed Strashiner's game. These sad people just go around breaking things for fun. Oh well.
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    It's worth noting that Steam does let you change your price after enough time has passed, so you can modify your strategy depending on if you're focused on the first month sales or the long tail. When a $5 game goes on sale, it will cost very little and you'll get some people picking it up just because of that.

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