I'm having trouble with recoil damage on skills and a lifesteal skill


Dec 21, 2018
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hello! i asked a few of my smart rpg maker friends for help with this first but none of them seemed to be able to help, so i figured id post something here as a last ditch effort. ive been trying to make some skills for my game, but i cant seem to get them to do what i want them to. i know they can work in rpg maker 2k3, because ive seen them in other games, but for whatever reason i cant reverse engineer them. so, heres what im trying to do

- have a skill that deals double the user's attack, but deals recoil damage (im not sure how much i want the recoil to do, but any amount will work for me at this point lol)

- have a skill that deals damage to an enemy, and adds half the damage done to the user's hp

another one i really wanted to do was to have a skill that takes hp from one party member and transfers it to another, but im not sure if that one is possible.

ok quick update i JUST found the absorb checkmark box in the menus, its been sitting right in front of me this whole time lmao

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