Image Grid Menu - v1.4 (27/05/2016)

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    Main Menu Command Add-on:
    This add-on lets you add command buttons for your main menu which will lead you to your grid menus.
    You can add multiple buttons which can lead to different types of grid menus.

    - Demo
    Not planned, sorry!

    - Screenshots:
    Simple grid display:

    Using the skip row feature:

    With the scroll function (limited the size of the viewport on purpose, so the arrows show up):

    - Sample Resources:
    Here are the images used in the sample settings:
    You can place this folder into your project's "Graphics/" folder, and make a quick test if you want.

    Kindly don't use those images in any real project, thank you! I know that they are not much, but those will be used in one of my future project (hopefully a game someday).

    - Author's Notes:
    My kitten played with a mice today! Oddly enough, he never ate that little bugger! Isn't that a bit weird? o.o
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