RMVXA Immortal Sins[Disc 1][]

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    Released Second Edition Beta Version D0.30 Update 3. This update makes some additions and tweaks in preparation for the upcoming guild missions, alongside bringing in the .NET Core 3 version of Northbridge.

    • The weaknesses can now be seen during battles.
    • Hunter License can now grant discounts on shops.
    • Balancing changes:
      • Gus can now learn Elemental Shields by stealing the skills from enemies.
      • Elemental shields remove the previous one.
      • Balanced some of the enemies.
    • Added a new dungeon: Tomb of <redacted> (It will be accessible in a later update).
    • Sena’s Adnverturer’s Guild is now available.
    • Performance improvements and visual tweaks.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Vastly improved Northbridge:
      • Moved Northbridge to .NET Core 3:
        • Performance and startup improvements.
        • A copy of .NET Core 3 ships with the game. The game is completely separate from .NET Framework.
      • Improved error handling.
      • Technical improvements.
    • Re-wrote the installer to Advanced Installer.
      • Improved installer size.
    • Added a migration assistant for the Microsoft Store version.

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