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Shin Kitsune

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Oct 15, 2012
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-Description of the feature-
A feature to import any audio file, and convert it into the two main formats RPG Maker MV uses.
It could make use of one or two check boxes in the Open file window, allowing the user to choose which format to import audio files into. Leaving everything unchecked would import the file leaving it in its original format.

-Why is this feature good?-
If you plan to deploy the game on mobile devices, as of now you must manually save the audio as both OGG (for desktop systems) and M4A (for mobiles). This is quite tedious (and personally why I will avoid mobile deployment myself for the time being...), especially if you've got too many audio resources. When importing MP3, the files remain as such format, which could use significantly more space than the officially supported formats. This feature would not only import the audio, but also convert it to one or the two audio formats to save some work.

-Code for Implementation-
Not sure. But I think it could be adding one or two checkboxes in the Select file dialog.

-Possible issues with this feature-
It could probably take a while to convert the files if chosen to, depending on the file's size. This could make RPG Maker seem as if it hung up, so implementing a progress dialog could be a good idea.


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Mar 5, 2013
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There might be a problem with the licencing cost for the M4A format if this is done - in a lot of cases (like MP3, but I don't know the exact licensing for M4A) the use of the audioformats is only free for playing and for non-commercial converters. Anyone integrating such a converter into a program that is to be sold will have to pay a licensing fee for each sold copy.
That is the reason why those converters are usually NOT integrated into sold programs.

It might be an idea to make this into a tool to be added, because then the required licensing cost could be charged on purchasing that tool - but how many people would purchase such a tool just to spare them a few clicks to use the free tools available?

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