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May 26, 2021
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ok, so im still kinda getting a feel for MV (read not to familiar with it at all) and trying to import assets in to the character generator.
he images will show up as tile, i can see them just fine, dont even take all that long to load. proplem is i cant actually select the tiles.
the weird thing is that when i click a tile for faces, walking, dying w/e it just places the default tile over that tile...
no idea why its doing that...

ima add to this that also in the character genorator, there seems to be no difference between front and back hair, the generator is treating it all as 1 hair asset, so any changes to hair color in either front or back hair (as in on the head) are apllied to all the hair.

***drat, i have MZ, not MV, but i do not see a specific forum for MZ.... ****

and i still have the same issue...
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