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Jan 20, 2013
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Okay! Let's begin this request, shall we? I've been working on this project alone for pretty much, a year or so. I've had to restart entirely around 4 times because of one error or another. 

Seeing that I've finally catching drift of a possible success with this version, I noticed something. Many of my characters looked entirely different than what they should, and many of my resources have relied on the Restaff team!  :headshake:   Oh, these resources must be in Rpgmaker VX ACE format, I'll just say that ahead of time! ^^"

So, I've decided to finally cave into the possibilities and open this up for a possible team attempt. Before we continue, I guess I'll go over the story 

real quick.

 Vail, a world dependent on magic and rapidly changing so fast that nobody can possibly sketch its geometry, has been in a semi-peace for the last few years. Everyone has been recovering from a war that had occurred around 6 years ago- Between the other regions and its own capital, Isuki. They overthrown the king after his own right hand saw through his scheme and decided to do away from him. After the war, the equilibrium had returned to the world.

Until now.

  An unknown threat stirs in the winds, and they wish to steal the very sources of life on Isuki, while the backs of all of its population are turned. Their temples, which were used to please the ancient gods, had been abandoned for years. Nobody thought that they would ever be in any real danger so no real protection was placed on them. Simon, the one who had put a end to the last war, has received a new unit to train and without warning, is plunged into the violence involved around this threat when hes given a request to exterminate a unknown group of beings around one of these temples. appears this new unit, the 13th and possibly final unit (Who stir quite the ruckus over the most minor of things.), will prove to be of much more use than any other before of their members holding a secret known only by the ancient gods themselves....and...another source. 

  The story does not follow Simon, but this one, who owns the secret, but will never seem to find out. His Garran. He owns no memory of things before he turned 18. He is also one of the few demons that had ever set foot on the overworld, and appears to have lived this far by dumb luck. After stumbling along Isuki, Simon saw promise in him, and a fearsome glint of what could be the future cause of the destruction of Vail itself.

Anyhow, story time's over folks!

  So...I need an artist that is good with designing sprites sets, face-sets, and (possibly) tile sets. Optionally, I would love to have an artist for animations (ex. Flame animations, magic, etc.) That's about all for them. Oh and a icon set for weapons, items, etc. would be awesome!!!

   For scripters I could really use a hand on designing special events that occur at certain times (I already have a in-game clock :D ) a bestiary that only displays monsters that are in the areas and not in the files (if possible) lighting would be nice but that would have to be a team attempt between artist and scripter, and a possible quest & random dungeon system.  Also a possible battle system. If I could describe this battle system I'm looking for what would be sort of a hybrid between the battle system you see in FFX with ATB gauges. Finally, a Menu where you can click on things would be super neat, but is of the least concern 

  Sadly, I don't know of a way I could pay you guys at the moment seeing I don't even have a job (I'm pretty young, you see...) so if your looking for money I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to recruit you. Maybe I could do a thank you sketch? (I'm a bit of an artist myself, hence my Icon.)

Thank you for listening to my request-!  :)


Note: I have posted 3 screenshots of the game at the current moment. 

Immortal Screenshot #1.PNG

Immortal Screenshot #2.PNG

Immortal Screenshot #3.PNG
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