In need of a faceset and a Monster logo for game (VX Ace Preferred)

Inmento Riku

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Jun 6, 2015
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So I have the specific character sprite(s) (And they work well) But I am looking for someone willing to create for me two things.

(If two people do different ones that is also fine)

I have the sprite sheet:

This is the one that needs a faceset $Alara.png
As you can see for the next character (I have 4 in total and decided to make this one a custom one without the built-in generator)

I also had an idea, which is why you'll see more sprites in a second, about making a character/Boss that comes in when you least expect it and ambush you. I have her sprite sheet but I need like a logo/look for her.

Like how slimes look like slimes or the demon-king is the demon king etc.

Her sprite is here:
This is the one that needs a monster logo/look $Female Boss.png
Credit shall be given where credit is due and whether this game becomes commercial or not, you'll get a free copy when it's all complete and the bugs are taken out.

Take as much time as you need as I can still work with the sprites without the face-set and Logo as they are not yet needed and I am able to plan around their story/involvement.

Yours Truly,

Inmento Riku
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