In Search of Immortality

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    I feel like a moron now, I played this thing like 10 times (and tested it 2 times) and that error never happened to me.
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    Happens to the best of us.  The good news is in the general flow of the game nothing is wrong.  I went out of my way to find this, as I am use to comprehensive game testing. (I put quotations in a script call.  I also didn't read all instructions in scripts previously.  I claim the moron card. =3 )

    Now for the review:  Lemme list off some pros and cons first.

    Pros: Rewarding characters and a simple story that doesn't derail gameplay for the unintiated of the ARUM universe

    Combat order that allows you to overcome powerful enemies, for the experienced user at least.

    Lots of nice map chip graphics.  Particularly the crystal cave and the skull switch event.

    Music was very enjoyable and fitting.

    Simple item system, and Alchemist mixtures were easy to grind and mix.

    Heavy customization of characters that allowed for changes in party dynamics and expand on a character's role.  This was fantastic and well executed.

    Low level system that doesn't rely on redundant equipment to expand upon.

    Fast movement and dialogue.

    Cut scenes that don't punish the curious wanting more information.

    Battle animations were fun and added flavor.


    Cons: Heavy handed combat which will overwhelm the unprepared and new players.  It is a short game, but it's terribly unforgiving.

    Lots of items I never used.  Pure soil and Golden seeds at the top of the list.  

    Stash was always grayed out and unusable even after discovering formulas.  I never used stash once.  I did not have the mod equipped that removed stash entirely.

    Un-intuitive exploration that relies on accidental discovery of passages and events. 

    Carpet leading into other rooms with no indication like light or a signal for the player.

    Battlers seemed cluttered in some fights, or off center.

    Characters themselves were very cut and dry (enjoyable in their own right), but flat for the sake of time constraints.  

    The gay jokes dragged on too long. (Still funny though).
    Now for the meat:

    I was interested in the debriefing with the Queen, but it doesn't seem like I'd get in on that kind of campaign secret as a player.


    I got both halfs of the medallion, and beat the secret overly hard boss, thanks to Alma's golem.  1000 exp felt really satisfying when for 5 rounds I just kept reviving people wondering "Ok posion?  No.  Burning Damage?  No.  I should Analyze it I've tried everything else.  Oh that sounds really powerful.  Anyone can do it once the Golem is up? dayum."


    *Alma dominates characterization.*  Strong female roles tend to do this in RPGs and she quickly overshadows everyone to the point

    where she is the main focus of the player even when learning about Ezy.


    Ellis doesn't seem to really shine outside of a few gimmicks, and his apex is the party haste/heal.  He's the best at avoiding damage altogether, but pudding seems like dead weight that never takes off compared to his illusion magic.  Sort of a mascot that was along for the ride.  I'm glad he got some character devlopment with the mirror scene. Very well done there.


    Ezy can do 1600+ per first strike, and killed a boss in one of his turns.  He can also revive all the other members if they die and has the highest hp\power of anyone.  The snippet about Demons not being able to mimic human eyes well enough unless they are truly powerful and Ezekiel's shades snaps at just the right moment.


    Issac outside of his Y Elixir shouldn't be attacking at all.  He's very support oriented, and doesn't really take a role in battle so much as an in between.  I don't want to say "Item cute", since he allows the player to do mixing instead of simply use something.  Again I might be missing something on Issac because I never figured out "Stash".  


    Indrah seems to love maps were you climb things.  I think she may love spelunking.  Search for Dragons goes pretty much the same way. 


    I do recommend people play it, with the warning that combat needs to be learned in that first 10 minutes.  I myself needed advice, and it took a few failures and retries to get the hang of things.  I didn't read the documentation of the game which is included under key items since I felt the extra time was toward learning the curve of the game.  And the curve is rather high for battle.  Alma needs to analyze all the time.  Issac needs to scrounge.  Ellis needs to Decoy, and Ezy needs to first strike and overkill.  You can't just rely on levels or victories to further the characters blindly going through the game.


    If I missed something you would like talked about in detail, please let me know.  This is all I had in my notes as I played through in about 3 sittings.
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    (Yo, I heard this game was part of some bundle thing...but what do I know? I'm just Ralph :D )
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    I finished this game a while ago and I have to say I loved it. The gameplay and story was good, and the tiles were just wonderful. I think my favourite character's are Alma and Pudding. And the end was so funny and cute. Although the pervert priest is cliché we all can grantee its fun to write a holy person as someone you'd least expect, that or a "good" person in general. XD
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    I'd have tos say this game is awesome! here's my little review as well!


    +great plot and character developement even for the short length!

    +challenging enemies that bamboozled my party! (im looking at you devil chickens!)

    +intresting gameplay mechanic that keeps you on your toes!

    +intresting style with the mods.

    +I thought the priest was a traitor but instead was a demon that had a grudge!

    +great mapping!


    -Short length

    -Ezekiel and Ellies feels left out in terms of skills

    -easy tank build between ellies and ezekiel (juggernaut + decoys = win)

    -bad joke of homosexual people, it just was almost to the point of being tasteless (sorry just my opinion)

    -map trinkets is feeling a little empty, like "i went all the way there for that?" feeling

    -some enemies were just high defense and held no challenge (im looking at you tarneus and knight guy)

    well thats it for me, those are my thoughts on the whole matter great twist with Ezekiel i felt like he was gonna be a traitor, good work!!

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    I really like this game. I got it from the Free Games bundle on the main site, and it was my favorite of the bunch. I love how differently each character functions. It's really impressive that you made this in such a short time period!
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    Honestly, this is a game I would have enjoyed to be longer. The fighting system kept me interested all along and cherry on the cake I even enjoyed the maze (I usually hate this kind of stuff so you achieved quite something there) which was pretty well balanced imo. 

    Oh and I loved every character! The dialogs were excellent (though my heart fell mostly for Alma and Crapboy - yes I renamed Pudding Crapboy I felt it's what Alma would have done just to annoy him :p ). 

    Now I have to try it on hard setting. 

    If there was a full length version, I would pay for it. I guess that sums it up pretty much. Good job! 
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    Seeing all the positive feedback you are getting I think I will try this :)
  9. Fomar0153

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    Hope you have fun!
  10. GutshotStr8

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    I don't really have anything new to add but I wanted to be another voice telling you that I too played the game when it was released as part of the Free Games bundle and appreciated how unique it was. It's really impressive that you put it together in just a month, great job!
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    I just played this game and I loved it. The storytelling was excellent. (Ezekiel and Alma were my favorite characters!)

    Towards the beginning, I was wondering why Alma was the party leader when Ellis seemed to be the main character, but it did end up more of an ensemble piece, and as far as the backstory goes, Alma was the one in charge, so that fit. 

    The mechanics were great too. I enjoyed how each character played completely differently.

    Ezekiel was a powerhouse in my playthrough, usually fully healing the party before kicking all the asses. Agility really wasn't a stat he needed, once you get the hang of him.

    Ellis felt reminiscent of Guild Wars 2's Mesmer class and easily (and realistically) became my tank. Defense was quickly made unnecessary, and the HP was also pretty much dummied-out. 

    Isaac was a little unintuitive, which left him underperforming in my hands until the end. I just kept using mix for the first 90% of the game. I never ran out of items anyway, but still... Also, when I realized that he doesn't even use the attack stat, he became something of a bulldozer with high HP, Def, and Agility, dropping blackholes and elixers every round. 

    Alma was strong, but I never needed to use most of her skills and the rifle/mortar/golem were less effective than most of the party's main roles: Ezekiel using one of them is pretty much a wasted turn, Ellis is better off preventing damage, and Alma and Isaac were better off healing/using their own identical attacks. 

    I wish this game would receive a more fleshed out and playtested edition. The world begs to be played.  
  12. Sieginder Niederlage

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    Good god! I love this game! There are some bugs (like the Shatter command) but for something made in such a small time-frame it's nothing short of awe-inspiring! My hat's off to you!
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    When I try to launch the game, I get an error.

    Script 'Online Achievements' line 20:

    Encoding::UndefinedConversionError occurred.

    "\x80" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8

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