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Feb 23, 2018
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Hi! First post here, after a long time just looking and replying (I hope I'm not posting on the wrong forum, but if so, I'm sorry and thank you for moving! ^^).

I developed a character creator (was created to be used in a farming simulator) that can be used by the player and wanted to know how I can improve it and things like that.

My intention is not only to use it in my game, but to make it available to anyone who is looking for something similar, so I created this version using rtp! Anyone can do whatever they want with it, okay? Currently it looks like this:

I use the script called Visual Equip by Victor Sant and created everything by events, including the window, which is actually a tileset! Hahahah (I intend to make a script version at some point as soon as I have enough knowledge for that).

So, if someone has time and interest to test, the project is on this Itch page.

Problems I've noticed:

- The visual does not appear on the save screen.
- Depending on the graphics used some layers may be badly overlapped.

Soon I must add the possibility to use the keyboard, for now only the mouse control is available. I'll update here as soon as it's ready.
This demo is in English, but can be set to Portuguese after the new game.

Hope you like it!

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have another character sheet! ill probably add some more details before i make my thread for this project
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