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Mar 28, 2014
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so I'm using this plugin... and it does exactly what I need it to do... but I'm having an issue with knowing when to tell the player to return to their starting position. basically I'm using action sequences ( and because of how they work, they always send the play back to their home position. I KINDA found a way around it. basically in my game you use points to do the combos, and a state goes into place at the start of the combo as so attacks work differently.

problem I've run into is "what if the player doesn't use all of their points"... as in they can do 3 combo attacks, but only choose to do 2. the state stays and they slide back to their home position instead of the sequence I have set if they use all the points.

basically I don't know how to tell if the sequence is over because I don't know how to tell how many attacks are queued up. despite it says you can edit the plugin... you kinda can't because it's obfuscated. the only thing I could make out was _queuedActions... but even if I type $ > 0, it always returns false. so does $ === 0.

is their any other way to make it so either A. I can know how many attacks are queued and if none are, to use the sequence to get back to their home position... or B. find a way to get rid of the state after all attacks are finished, but not before.

EDIT: I now know they all count as one action according to state actions. I think knowing that might help. If I can figure out a way to let the game know the state ends, then I can fix the issues I'm having.

EDIT 2: I've almost figured this out finally lol. basically when the state leaves, use Yanfly's Buffs and States Core to cause a dummy skill to go off where the player moves back to their space. only issue now is I think within the action sequences themselves when it comes to things like perform finish and <finish action> I think. need to bypass those.
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