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    Hey all!

    I made a list of what I considered important points in event or points which could take a long time to discover on your own. (If you discover it at all)
    These are based on RPG Maker XP, but some also apply in VX and VX Ace.
    Feel free to add your own ^_^
    • Set Move Route overrides previous move route for the player or given event
    • Set Move Route and Player Touch
    • Set Move Route and Player Touch
    • Wait for Move's Completion issue
    • New Event Tab cancels Move Route
    • Reluctance of events moving onto other events
    • Tileset events and Through
    • Parallel/Autorun events loops
    • Common events on parallel trigger restart on map change
    • Force action does not work on turn 0 in battles
    • Defending actor + force action
    • Self-switches in common events
    • 'This event' in common events

    Set Move Route overrides previous move route for the player or given event
    I have seen a lot of support questions regarding which is due to this.
    A typical cause are evented dash systems. You have to set a move route to change the speed of the player.
    You can for example set a move route for the player to do something in a cutscene. The dash system then sets a new move route for the player and the player stops after one step or so.
    The same holds for any events. Note that each event has their own move route (or none).

    Note that events and the player don't have to have a move route. This is important for the following issue:

    Set Move Route and Player Touch
    If you have a passable event on Player Touch trigger, the event will NOT trigger if the player walks over the tile using a Set Move Route. If the player stops on the tile the event will trigger, but it will not trigger if the player continues.
    You can fix this by setting the event trigger to Event Touch.

    Wait for Move's Completion issue
    Its wait until the player and no event have a move route. If you set a move route for an event which is on repeat action, then it never ends.
    This can cause the game to practically freeze. As a general rule don't use Wait for Move's Completion. It can lead to hard-to-spot freezes which in the worst case can appear to happen randomly.

    New Event Tab cancels Move Route
    Let's say you have an event with two tabs, each with the same character. The condition on the second tab is not true (so the first tab is 'active').
    You have another event that executes a "Set Move Route" on this character event. The character starts moving across the screen.
    If the condition on the second tab becomes true while the character is in the middle of the move route, the move route will be cancelled and he will stop walking.

    Reluctance of events moving onto other events
    An event will not move onto a tile occupied by another event unless either of them has Through ON. (Or both)
    The same holds for the player. The player basically treated as an event when other events move around.

    Tileset events and Through
    The passability settings are ignored for events which has Through ON. The same holds for the player.
    Tileset events are interesting in this regard because they can turn impassable tiles to passable tiles.
    Let's say you have a tileset event which turn an impassable tile into being passable. If we set Through ON for the event then its passability settings will be ignored. Yes, the passable tile will now not be passable anymore.
    It is something to keep in mind. Especially for bridges that will be built some time into the game.
    If you events to be able to cross the bridge without having Through ON then you must make the tiles underneath passable and use blocking events for when the bridge is out. Let the pages displaying the bridges have Through ON.

    Parallel/Autorun events loops
    When a parallel or autorun event has finished processing it will be processed again (next frame in case of parallel events).
    Typical issues happens when you use event commands which takes several frames to complete.
    For example showing an animation or moving an event or the player with a parallel event. Only the first few frames are shown over and over with the show animation and only the first move command is considered.
    The solution simple to change the condition so that it doesn't loop after it has finished processing the event, which can be done by erasing the event or changing the page. Or in terms of common events, turning off the triggering switch.
    In this aspect the Exit Event Processing command may lead to confusion since it ends the processing of the event. You may therefore get unwanted loops. Just change the conditions before the exit event processing command.

    Common events on parallel trigger restart on map change
    A typical case where this is a problem is if you want to have an invisible time running across maps.
    If you have a Wait 999 frames event command, then it'll start over each time you transfer to a new map. (A solution for this is to wait say 4 frames, add to a variable and Exit Event processing if the variable is not over some value (conditional branch))

    Force action does not work on turn 0 in battles
    You can for example not have an item which causes on of the actor to attack immediately, nor can you have the monsters attack immediately. (I.e. before you can run away)
    You can mimick it with animations and deal damage, but it's very tedious.

    Defending actor + force action
    This may not be an issue, but it's worth noting.
    Let's say you set Actor 2 to defend and have a force action which causes Actor 2 to attack in Normal sequence. (Let's say the force action is in a common event triggered by the skill of Actor 3)
    If Actor 2 acts before Actor 3 then Actor 2 will not attack when Actor 3 acts, but Actor 2 will not defend anymore. This means more damage for monsters attacking Actor 2 after Actor 3 has acted.

    Self-switches in common events
    I have wrote a tutorial about this matter ~ http://forums.rpgmak...-common-events/

    'This event' in common events
    It refers to the map event calling that common event (either directly or indirectly)
    If there's not a map event calling that common event then the event command has no effect.

    Special Thanks

    P.s. this is a repost since the original topic has magically disappeared

    - Zeriab
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    These tips are always helpful. Thanks for posting.
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    Some very good tips and tricks here. It would be great if some picture examples were added.

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