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Jun 8, 2021
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Hi there!
I'm Cuttles and I just joined this forum. It has been a rich resource pool, especially for art and tutorials.

I had a background in Youtube some time ago with a focus on American Animation reviewing, called Watcherofthe2000s. And I wrote some guides for Dota 2.

But I am also a big fan of RPGs. When I was younger I made a terrible little RPG on VX Ace and left it half finished for years. I finished it a few years ago, but it was still not very good. I found some motivation to remake it on MV recently, mostly for practice, and also because I wanted to use it to showcase the soundtrack of a fighting game I really like (it's non-commercial as such)

I hope we can connect and I look forward to talking to a lot of you!

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Got locked out of the house yesterday... best friends who had the spare ghosted me. Locksmith had to literally drill thru the lock bc they couldn't pick it. Whole process took 4 hours and far too much money. And they have to come back next week bc they don't have the right cylinder, cause it's an old interlocking lock. I'm livid lol
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