Is it possible to make a movie clip repeat smoothy

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by GotTofu, Jan 22, 2016.

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    So in order to try to save file size I have made a small movie clip that I would like to repeat smooth x or infinite (until keypress) times.  I have attempted to use loop with play movie and wait, but it never works out perfectly and there is always clipping where the movie stops playing for a second or time since the wait never seem to line up perfect. Is there any method to have a movie smoothly repeat, or do I simply need to make my video file size bigger instead and have it repeat in the file?
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    I made some plugins, that deal with videos (Splash Video, Video title background), so i can tell you that it's definitely possible. I started to write a movie control plugin a while ago, but discarded it, since the default implementation of MV is fairly restrictive (and a bit can movie while a video is playing, if it's the last command in an event) and i would have to rewrite it from scratch.

    I can't promise you anything, but i might take a second try, once i've finished my current project.

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