Aug 12, 2019
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I recently purchased this great piece of software but after tutorials and tinkering I'm wondering if it's even practical to make a JRPG style game that uses some ranged combat and firearms mechanics. The attack system in MV seems to be coded in such a way that you always hit your target; it just depends on how much (if any) damage is done. I want a system that first checks to see if the attacker even hits the target and then decides damage based on other factors (I don't care about distances). Is this possible? Does someone have a plugin out there that I haven't been able to find.

I realize JRPG games aren't really built for ranged combat in mind but it would be nice to at least incorporate ideas such as accuracy, penetration, and rate-of-fire into a game. The built-in system just assumes a hit has been scored and damage is reduced/applied based on everything else blended together. I'm specifically interested in eventually putting together a cyberpunk-type game.

Thanks for your time!

If you're confused as to what I'm asking, below is a detailed idea of what I'm looking for:

Attacker wins initiative and fires a shot
- attacker misses but possibly applies suppression debuff to target (end turn)
- if attacker hits....
- then roll to see if armor is hit....
- if armor is hit....
-then see if projectile penetrates armor or see if it has reduced damage and apply possible damage and possible secondary effects
- if armor is missed.....
-then apply possible damage and possible secondary effects
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Jul 2, 2014
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Actually the system uses your to hit stat to see if you hit, and the target's evade state to see if they dodge. The default is 95% to hit and 5% evade. Note it also uses the sum of all of your to hit stats as well.

Damage is whatever you set in the damage formula for the skill used.

Also note that if you set a skill to always hit, it will then ignore to hit and evade and will...well..always hit. Be sure to set it as physical attack if you want it to use to hit and evade stats, and magical attack if you want it to use the MEVA stat.

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