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    Hey! This short snippet will be fully updated in due time. I wanted to share the details of my submission with the general public, so here I go.

    What is the game?

    So Island Tribes is a mix of Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, Don't Starve, Minecraft, and a few other game features that seemed to work well together. It's nothing terribly original, but it does have a lot of potential.
    Unlike some of your commmon survival games, your objective is not just to make it through the days, but to become stronger and stronger until you can dominate your surroundings.

    The tribe has been faced with drought and famine. The gods no longer listen to your people. Ready to leave, the Tribe leader begins to pack things up. However, you volunteer yourself to travel to the island of the gods and challenge them to restore the favor of your people.

    After training, you embark to the island. You and your followers must brave the puzzles and creatures of the island to carve yourself a new place, and grow strong enough to challenge the gods.

    Use tools to solve puzzles, craft better weapons and armor, and adapt to the unique play style of each character to fully tame the island.







    So the development of the game is, in it's current form, meant to span 3 bosses and several sub bosses over 3 levels, with a final boss. Right now I only have 2 sub bosses done for 1 level. Unfortunately that's where time left me.
    The game also is going to be expanded to have a fleshed out story, more skills, more items, and more monsters. There's going to be more areas as well. Characterization may deepen, and the artwork may be fleshed out.


    I've been doing this for the last month on my own. I've used a handful of stock resources from the net, editing them as needed. I usually perform heavy edits rather quickly.

    So whose hands have touched this game? Just me.


    I'll fill this up in time. Off the top of my head the following people's stock resources have been placed in my game, besides of course Enterbrain:









    Mr Bubble

    Falcao Pearl




    My entry is here


    I appreciate and am open to all feedback on the current build. I'd love to hear from you on here or the comments section of the contest submission.

    I will be providing a link to a more updated version as I go. Just be patient.
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    Here's my very quick and sketchy take on the game (link for info on why it's so short and all that jazz)

    +The concept of having to manage your inventory and survive by crafting etc seems good.

    +The plot is simple enough and doesn’t take ages to deliver itself.

    +The sprite face instead of portrait face is a neat idea.

    -Presentation was a bit shaky.

    -No music during the tutorial drains the energy from the scene greatly.

    -Too much information conveyed too quickly means nothing will get digested. The barrage of dryly delivered tutorials was just bad.

    -Game crash when fishing.

    To the developer: I was pretty burned out when it came to this game’s turn, so that accounts for some of the video’s harshness, but the extreme info dump and how DRY the tutorials are is just unacceptable. That is just not interesting or fun, just an enormous, music-less text dump. The crash definitely did not help and I just stopped playing.

    I recommend heavily remaking the start of the game (which is a very important period where you have to make sure the player WANTS to keep playing and enjoys it). As I stated in the video, you may want to go for “a some gameplay-add new mechanic-some gameplay-add new mechanic” style, rather than dumping everything at the start. It just turns players away. No one likes dry tutorials. Delivering them while mixing them with actual gameplay will probably help the issue.
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