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    Effectively; What I want is a script that can change the size and formatting of the descriptions of ItemsWeapons and Equipment. If you've played MMO games with "On Equip" effects such as World of Warcraft; you'll know what I mean in that when you look over an item, it'll tell you what the items special effects are in detail.

    Basically, what I want is so that when I look at an item in my Item 'Bag' or whatever, I can hover over it and it'l bring up a 'drop-down' that will show a lot of detail; for instance, this is one of my items "Data".

    Now, It's worth pointing out that I'm not asking for a script that will code in all of these attributes; I just want a script to show these attributes, their colours and all of the text in this format. - I can configure the rest using Common Events and such. If anybody knows what I mean and can provide me; or needs any more information, pass me a reply or a PM. I'll reply in prompt time.

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