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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Releases (RMMV)' started by SilverDash, Nov 4, 2015.

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    Sorry I'm a bit busy with other projects right now. I'm currently not available for free modifications of RM plugins even if they are minor.
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    I like this plugin very much, and did try it as an alternative to the 'LeNotifications' Item Logger that i am currently using.

    This plugin has support for icons, which is where it wins hands down.

    Where i do find that 'LeNotifications' currently wins though, is that the size of the window pop up changes dynamically with the number of items received.

    Unless i am missing an option of my own blindness, i am guessing this plugin has a static window size.

    Making it dynamic would be a huge upgrade, just in terms of the visual appeal.

    Also, the 'LeNotifications' version has the log slide in from the screen side, which is also very visually appealing.

    But again, it has no icons.

    Anyway, just a couple suggestions. 

    This is a very critical mod for any project to have by default.

    I'm surprised there aren't more variations made out there by various people.
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    Very fine plugin! Current version worked instantly for me, at least in all standard situations. Thank you for including icons and making the windowskin customizable.

    Since items do not actually show up in the game screen, only as list data, I have no idea why this is not a standard function of the RM engine itself.

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