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Jan 21, 2016
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Its Not Always A Wonderful World

- A Game By Brayden Penney



In this world guns and nuclear bombs were never created. Everyone grew up within one of the three main classes. These classes are:

Mage: Smart, Wise, Powerful. They use magic in many ways to there advantage.

Warrior: Strong, Helpful, Brave. They are very strong and make great fighters.

Archer: Fast, Kind, Loving. They are usually easily befriended and have a variety of arrows.

These people are also not completely human. They all grew up with animal traits and looks like having a cats tail and ears

or a crows wings. These traits effect their skills.

The story focuses on a young man named Zysho and his friend Chiyo.

Zysho wants to get out of the city so he goes to a mental/Physical Therapist named Michiko

to unwind. He leaves and comes back next week but to his surprise she's gone! She was apparently abducted.

Zysho and Chiyo go on an adventure to find her meeting many friends on the way.

But a bigger story unravels and a conspiracy begins to unfold as they go deeper into the story.




(Numbered by there number in the sheet)

1. Zysho (Fox/Human)

Zysho is a fun loving, adventurous type. He is kind and compassionate towards everyone and has a crush on Chiyo.

2. Daiki (Wolf/Human)

Daiki is a stone hard fighter and he loves to show off. He will not rest until everyone looks up to him.

3. Fozo (Dog/Human)

Fozo is a bit of a fat boy but, Boy, can he cook! Fozo is not the brightest or the fastest or the strongest for that matter but this kid cooks a meannnnnnnn soup!

4. Rei (Rat/Human)

Rei is a rat. Literally! He also acts like one. He likes to steal and he is VERY greedy. But he makes a good stealth fighter.

5. Chiyo (WildCat/Human)

Chiyo is a frisky, active type. She lacks strength but makes up for it in speed. She has many mixed feelings about everyone.

6. Choji (Panther/Human)

Choji is a fast, intelligent person. She is kinda arrogant and proud but is a great friend. She has a crush on Daiki.

7. Preakru (Bat/Human)

Preakru is a speedy, tricky son of a... Well, she stole my wallet and... Nevermind. Anyway, she is sly, smart and fast. She has a crush on Rei.

8. Momo (TameCat/Human)

Momo is kinda nerdy and likes to read a lot. She also likes to show off in hopes of a boy approaching her. She is kind and sometimes a little too obedient.

Link to Download for Characters:

"I am amazed by your talent, Brayden." - Joan Wagar (Science Teacher At My School)

"Its looking good." - Spencer Friesen (My Best Friend)

"I cant wait to play it! Its looking great!" - Craig Penney (My Dad)




...Coming Soon...


Update #1 - March 27, 2016



The game has been delayed due to problems with my computer.

Please understand. My computer was shut down and I was unable to work it.

When it was fixed I had to recover some original files from the game and continue.

This means I had to redo some things.

Thanks For Understanding!

Update #2 - April 1, 2016

!This Is NOT A Joke!

The trailer will be out soon.

I am about 10% done. I know, Not much. Don't worry though.

I need character ideas... I don't mean Main Character ideas just background characters.

I am having a lot of trouble here at my house so I am again, delaying the game... BUT!!!

But I will say that the "Demo Beta" (Being the demo for people willing to give feedback. Like testers.)

Will be out soon enough. Thanks!
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