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    Plugin Request Rules
    Please make requests for MV plugins in this forum.  Here are some steps you'll need to follow before and when you make your request.
    1) Before you make your request

    • Search the JavaScript Releases forum to see if the plugin you want has already been made.  As more time goes by, requests that users commonly make tend to have already been made.
    • It also doesn't hurt to check to see whether the request you're making can be evented.
    • After you've searched and can't find what you're looking for, then you can make a request.
    2) When making your request

    • Be as descriptive as possible.  Just because the logic works so well in your own mind, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be crystal clear to others.  These details will give potential plugin writers a better understanding of what exactly you need your plugin to do from beginning to end.  It will also save loads of time for the scripter - and you.
    • Providing as much details as possible is absolutely important. The more details you can provide, the higher the chance your request will be fulfilled.
    • Don't assume everyone has played the games that you've played no matter how popular it is.  It's common to request features or systems from existing games (such as Final Fantasy).  Those types of requests are fine.  However, you still need to provide details.
    • Use visual aids if possible.  Providing mock-up pictures, screenshots, or video links of what you want will greatly help those that want to help you since they provide clear and precise details.
    • Provide links to other scripts if you mention them. It's quite common to refer to other plugins or scripts in requests such as asking to modify an existing plugin, converting a plugin, or requesting plugin compatibility.  However, please link to these plugins/scripts when you mentioned them.  There have been hundreds of scripts created and will be hundreds of plugins created.  Don't assume everyone knows where to find each and every one.  Don't assume people have time to search for them.  Don't assume everyone knows what their names are, what they do, or who created them.  The easier you make it for others, the easier it is for others to help you.
    3) Once your request is made

    • Be patient. Don't sweat it if your request has not been fulfilled after some time has passed.  Remember that game development takes a lot of time and there are so many other things you can work on while your request is still open.  It might be a good idea to go over your request and provide more details if possible.
    • Be courteous to people trying to help you.  It's possible that someone will try to help you, but may not provide you with what you are looking for.  If that is the case, then it doesn't allow you to be mean.
    • You are allowed to bump your topic every 72 hours beginning from the timestamp of the last post in the topic.
    4) If your request is bad

    • If the above rules are not met (which is subject to moderator discretion), you may be asked to update your request to fulfill them.  If you do not update your request within 24 hours, your topic may be closed.
    5) Once your request is fulfilled

    • Say thanks to whoever helped you.
    • Click the "report" button in your post and ask for your topic to be closed

    In addition, please read the first post in this thread.  Written by a scripter, and supported by many scripters, it outlines the best way for you to make sure your requests get picked up by someone.  And the best ways to ensure they won't be.
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