Jun 23, 2014
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@HeroicJay I recently got to thinking about the DTB issues, and was wondering if it would be possible to add a plugin function that can check if an actor has available actions or has available turns, and if not, the skill will be greyed out and not be selectable. On top of that, if a DualTech is selected and cancelled later, then it will clear the actions of both actors.

An alternative is that I think Yanfly's Skill Core can actually be used to check if a skill can be used, the problem would be the script call to use to check if both/all actors is in battle, can act and have not selected an action. I will try to find it when I get back to my game (I am on hiatus of sorts due to RL getting in the way).

I already have it solved for DTB, but it requires a Yanfly plugin (Battle Status Window) to work.

What you suggest basically means that people toward the bottom of the character list cannot select dualtechs, which I considered an undesirable outcome. I was looking for a solution that didn't require any sort of silliness on the part of the player, like Defending to use dualtechs, if that's what you're trying to suggest. It needs to be intuitive.

The reason Battle Status Window works with turn-linked dualtechs is because it lets you select the characters' actions out-of-order, which is really the ONLY way to avoid the myriad problems that had me originally refuse to program turn linking in DTB without putting in special rules and exceptions that not all players or developers might like.
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